• Agriculture weather stations to help you plan better

The most precise local weather forecast for your fields.

With your Metos weather station you can get the best hyperlocalised weather forecast for your farm and fields by using the real-time local measurements combined with Meteoblue’s forecast model.

Over time, the weather forecast becomes more and more accurate as artificial intelligence increases the model’s skill and optimally combine and select the best forecast models for your location.

High precision weather forecasts are one of the key variables that will help you make the right decision at the right time for your farm.

Weather Forecasting in FieldClimate

  • High-resolution weather models

    by using a multi-model approach

  • Site-specific weather forecast

    corrected with station data

  • 3 or 7-days Hyper-Local weather forecast

    data and meteograms with hourly resolution

  • 14-days

    forecast outlook

  • Output hourly data

    for multiple forecast variables, including all the important agrometeorological variables, daily ET and more

  • Available to download

    as raw data (CSV) or images (PNG)

Work Planning

The most precise local weather forecast for your fields.

The Work Planning module is included as part of the Weather Forecasting tool and can help you optimise your operations.

  • Better organize your work day

    based on the actual rain and temperature data and the hourly updated weather forecast for your field

  • Protect your crop from frost

    by monitoring accurate hourly updated temperature forecasts

  • Optimize and reduce crop treatments

    based on site-specific disease models

  • Plan your fertilization and crop protection applications

    with accurate hourly weather forecasts

  • Plan your irrigation

    based on actual ET-crop use and predicted plant water use

  • Know the best hours to access your fields

    for the next several days based on soil tractability