• Agriculture weather stations to help you plan better


FieldClimate is the ‘brain’ of your weather station and probes. It gathers, calculates, analyses, and graphically presents the data that comes from measurements recorded by the sensors in the field.

Within FieldClimate, there are various services available:

  • Weather monitoring (displaying the data collected by the weather station)
  • Accumulator tools
    • Degree days
    • Chilling Units
    • Rain Sum
  • Soil moisture monitoring (requires soil probes/sensors)
  • Insect Monitoring (requires iScout)
  • Notifications & Alarms

FieldClimate is available as a web application and a mobile application (Android and IOS).

Weather Forecasting

With your Metos weather station you can get the best hyperlocalised weather forecast for your farm and fields by using the real-time local measurements combined with Meteoblue’s forecast model.

Weather Forecast Views

Work Planning

The Work Planning module is included as part of the Weather Forecasting tool and can help you optimise your operations.

Disease models

With rising input costs and legislative pressure to decrease spraying, it is crucial to know when the best time is to spray. You need to ensure your crop is protected during times of high disease pressure.

Disease models take into account the environmental climatic conditions and calculate the risk of infection as a result thereof. FieldClimate has over 80 disease models for more than 40 crops. These disease models are based on the latest research work from the best scientists and environmental conditions are measured with the most accurate sensors available.