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FieldClimate is the ‘brain’ of your weather station and probes. It gathers, calculates, analyses, and graphically presents the data from measurements recorded by the sensors in the field.

Chill units play a role in deciduous fruit trees where a certain level of chill must be reached to break the trees’ winter dormancy for the onset of flowering. Should the trees receive insufficient chilling, it suffers the risk of irregular flowering, which will have adverse effects on cropping. Monitoring these chill units can enable the producer to manipulate the dormant period to increase bud break and obtain more even flowering.

Growing degree days (GDD) is a heat accumulation measure used to predict plant and animal development rates, such as the date of blooming of a crop or when an insect will emerge from dormancy.
The basic concept is that development will only occur if the temperature exceeds some minimum development threshold, called the base temperature. This base temperature is determined experimentally and is different for each crop, variety, or pest.

All measured data from your probes are stored and available in near real-time on FieldClimate. There is no need to walk to each probe to collect your data.

What information can I obtain from soil moisture data?

  • How does water move along the vertical soil profile?
  • Which root system portion is wet and at what time?
  • Does water leakage occur in deep percolation?
  • How does the root system develop?
  • What is the best irrigation scheduling (when and how much?)
  • How available is water to the plant?

Irrigation Management

Set budget lines (refill point and full point) based on your soil type.

Prevent excess and insufficient irrigation by ensuring the volumetric water content stays in the “healthy” (green) area.

Your iSCOUT sends high-resolution images of the sticky plate to the FieldClimate platform where they get analysed with artificial intelligence (AI) software.

The software then draws rectangles around the targeted insect and summarises the daily count, sum and development of the population during the season.

Define sensor alerts and indicate thresholds for which you would like to receive notifications.

Mobile app

FieldClimate is also available as a mobile application compatible with Android and iOS.