• Agriculture weather stations to help you plan better

Solutions for your farm

Make the big decisions on your farm by having reliable information at your fingertips.

Weather Monitoring

Measure, monitor, manage. Weather is the biggest element that affects plant growth, disease pressure, and your farming operations. Metos weather stations will help you make the right decision at the right time by monitoring accurate site-specific meteorological parameters.


Decision-making tools in the palm of your hand.

FieldClimate is the ‘brain’ of your weather station and probes. It gathers, calculates, analyses and graphically presents the data that comes from measurements recorded by the sensors in the field.

  • Weather monitoring (displaying the data collected by the weather station)
  • Accumulator tools
    • Degree days
    • Chilling Units
    • Rain Sum
  • Soil moisture monitoring (requires soil probes/sensors)
  • Insect Monitoring (requires iScout)
  • Notifications & Alarms
  • Weather forecasting
    • Detailed (by the hour for the next 3 or 7 days)
    • Meteo One
    • Meteo Agro
    • Pictoprint
    • 14 days forecast
    • Precipitation radar
  • Work planning tools (included in weather forecasting package)
    • Plant nutrition application windows
    • Field accessibility
    • Tillage ability
    • Sowing window
    • Spray window
    • Harvest window
  • Dairy and Poultry Stress Calculations
  • Disease modelling


Implement the best soil-moisture irrigation strategy for your fields.

The uMETOS and iMETOS weather stations are compatible with Aquacheck and Sentek soil probes.

Insert Aquacheck or Sentek probes into the soil to measure soil temperature and -moisture at different depths and to collect evapotranspiration (ET) data. FieldClimate presents this data with graphs and can analyse this data to determine the optimum time for irrigation.


Insect Monitoring

iMETOS® iSCOUT is a combination of hardware and software solutions for remote monitoring of different agricultural insects.

By using state of the art optical camera systems with artificial intelligence software to detect a broad spectrum of insects, you can identify the species present in your field. It provides peace of mind knowing treatment is possible before it becomes a problem.