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About Us

Weather is one of the key factors to consider for a successful yield. It is becoming even more difficult to plan farming operations amid the unforeseeable weather occurrences and changing weather patterns in South Africa. Furthermore, it is crucial to manage resources efficiently, not only for the sake of sustainable farming but to maximise profit.

Our mission is to lead progression in South African agriculture within the context of climate change by providing farmers with superior decision support systems, and the industry with weather data of high integrity, while offering excellent service and support.

METOS SA is the exclusive distributor of Pessl Instruments weather monitoring solutions and therefore provides the perfect answer. Our solutions include weather stations to provide hyper-localised weather data, weather forecasting, irrigation management, insect monitoring, and disease modelling.

Pessl Instruments has been servicing the industry for more than 40 years and boasts a wide range of meteorological solutions to assist with in-field decision-making and precision farming.

Meet The Team

Colin Nish

Metos Technical Lead & Support: North

Gabrielle Redelinghuys

Gabrielle Redelinghuys

Project Lead: Strategic and Incubation Projects

Schalk van Wyk

Operational Manager

Emile Jordaan

General Manager

Bennet Hendricks

Technician: Western Cape

Solutions for your farm

Make the big decisions on your farm by having reliable information at your fingertips.

Weather monitoring

Measure, monitor, manage. Weather is the biggest element that affects plant growth, disease pressure, and your farming operations. Metos weather stations will help you make the right decision at the right time by monitoring accurate site-specific meteorological parameters.


Decision-making tools in the palm of your hand.



Implement the best soil-moisture irrigation strategy for your fields.

Insect Monitoring

Insect monitoring

iMETOS® iSCOUT is a combination of hardware and software solutions for remote monitoring of different agricultural insects.